Package Bees are Ordered!

I just placed my order with a local company for two package bees!  I am excited to get back into this fun and rewarding hobby. Those who follow my blog know that I took a 2 year break after moving into a new home and neighborhood.  It would have only […]

2017 Package Bee Prices

It is the 2017 beekeeping season, and I can’t believe the price of package bees! It has been two years since I have kept bees, and almost 4 years since I have bought a package of bees.  I can’t believe how much prices have increased. Last year, I did a […]

How to start Beekeeping – Hive Designs

When I first became interested in keeping bees, I tirelessly searched the internet trying to learn how to start beekeeping.  I found out quickly that I would need to make some decisions.  I had lots of questions, and I wanted simple answers. Searching for simple answers isn’t easy when there […]

Swarm Lure Experiment

I wanted to do a quick post on what I am using this year for swarm lures.  So far I have 5 swarm traps working for me.  In the past I have only used Lemon Grass oil in my swarm traps.  This year, I am testing the Swarm Commander Lure […]

Swarm Trapping Update – Scout Behavior

It has been a while since I posted, but I wanted to share a little about my swarm trapping adventures for 2016 so far.  I wasn’t able to purchase packages of bees this year.  The biggest reason I didn’t buy packages is because of the price. 3 pound Packages of […]

Queen Rearing – IWF Documentary

One of my favorites, this is a fascinating set of videos produced by IWF on the process of honey bee queen rearing.  These videos were very helpful to me when I was trying to grasp the concept of queen rearing.  This is one every beekeeper needs to watch. Originally in […]