My name is Steven Tervort.  I started The SurvivorBees website as an online archive of information and a journal of my experiences as a Beekeeper.  I created this site because I want to help as many people as I can get started in beekeeping. Some of my best mentors don’t even know they mentored me.  The sites, videos and books that I have read throughout my adventure have been a tremendous help to me.

When I first started beekeeping I kept a small journal of my experiences in a spiral bound notebook.  In this notebook I wrote down everything that I did in the bee yard.  Unfortunately–I lost the notebook, along with all of my experiences, successes and failures documented within.   All of the details of what I had done are gone forever.

Instead of buying a new notebook, I decided I would create a website to document what I do with my bees.  Now, my journal is online and available for everyone to see.   I hope that it is as much a help to you as it is to me.