Video – How to Build a Beelining Box

This year I plan on doing a lot of swarm trapping.  I have a goal of having 10 hives by the end of the summer.  With that, I want to find some feral honey bee colonies with good genetics that I can place swarm traps around.  Check out my post […]

Skep Beekeeping Video

This is a great set of videos about skep beekeeping in Central Europe, Northern Lower Saxony.  There are 8 videos about 12-25 minutes in length.  The videos follow an entire beekeeping season.  The videos go over spring management and supplemental feeding; summer swarm management; honey harvesting; and preparing wax for […]

George McCrone – Queen Rearing Video

This is one of my favorite videos on the queen rearing process.  George McCrone does an excellent job explaining the process of grafting and setting up the hives to make healthy queens.  He also explains the importance of selecting queens with good genetics and some characteristics to look for.

Video – Making a Pallet Swarm Trap

Here is the video version of one of my previous posts about Building Swarm Traps – Using Pallets.  It goes over the exact same process that I covered in the post.  The only thing that is in the video that is not in the post is that I have video […]

Traditional Beekeeping In Japan

This is a set of videos about  traditional beekeeping in Japan.  There are 4 videos in the series that show the process of harvesting honey from a Japanese style hive.  You will notice that the hive is slightly smaller than hives most of us are used to.  This is because […]