How to Keep Bees – How Often Should I Check Them?

One of the biggest problems with new beekeepers is that they over inspect their hives.  Bees are very interesting.  It is only natural, as a new beekeeper, to want to check your hives a little more than you should.  As beekeepers we are able to learn an incredible amount of […]

Queen Rearing – IWF Documentary

One of my favorites, this is a fascinating set of videos produced by IWF on the process of honey bee queen rearing.  These videos were very helpful to me when I was trying to grasp the concept of queen rearing.  This is one every beekeeper needs to watch. Originally in […]

Bee Yard Update – 1/27/2013

Well, one of my hives is dead.  I was really looking forward to getting this one into spring.  The hive was doing really well up until the beginning of January.  The bees were actually out foraging on most the days in December.   Though, We suddenly had a shift in […]

Honey Vinegar – Experiment

Well, everyone officially thinks I am crazy.  I plan on making honey vinegar this year.  The most common question that I receive after telling people that I will be making vinegar is “Why?”  Well–there are several reasons, but mostly I am making it because I am interested in the process.  […]

Beekeeping Suits

I decided that I would do a quick little post on beekeeping suits.  I do not yet own a suit. I have been doing a little shopping, and plan on buying one this spring.  For beginning beekeepers, a full suit is probably not necessary.  I have been using a simple […]