Video – Making a Pallet Swarm Trap

Swarm Trap VideoHere is the video version of one of my previous posts about Building Swarm Traps – Using Pallets.  It goes over the exact same process that I covered in the post.  The only thing that is in the video that is not in the post is that I have video footage of me cutting the frame rest for the hive.

I have been receiving a number of emails from people asking me to show how I do it.  I wasn’t going to record a video of the process but in the middle of building the boxes I realized that some people prefer to watch videos over reading a post.  So nothing really new, just a video version of a previous post.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I have now made it possible to subscribe to the SurvivorBees website.   If you look at the top of the far right margin you can see the subscribe box.  When you subscribe to the SurvivorBees website you get an email update every time I post something new.  Watch Video

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