Swarm Lure Experiment

I wanted to do a quick post on what I am using this year for swarm lures.  So far I have 5 swarm traps working for me.  In the past I have only used Lemon Grass oil in my swarm traps.  This year, I am testing the Swarm Commander Lure in combination with Lemon Grass oil.  I have had good luck with Lemon Grass oil and feel that it does a fine job on its own. However, if there is something out there that is inexpensive and increases my odds of catching a swarm then I want use it.

Swarm CommanderI set out 5 hives.  Two of them were baited with Lemon Grass oil and Swarm Commander.  I placed several drops of Lemon Grass oil inside and outside of all five hives.  I then sprayed two of the hives with the swarm commander lure on the inside and outside.  If you are interested in trying it out for yourself use this link to Swarm Commander’s Amazon Store.

Lemon Grass OilThe type of Lemon Grass oil that I prefer to use is from Young Living.  I use this brand because the companies headquarters are close to where I live, and it seems to be a lot stronger than other brands I have tried.  You could certainly dilute it if you would like it to go further, but I have never done this.  It works really well the way it is.  Very strong smell, and it lasts at least a week.  It is fairly inexpensive and one little bottle usually lasts me the entire swarm trapping season with lots to spare.  I don’t drench my hives with it.  I place just enough drops to get the swarm trap smelling “hivey.”  Believe me, it doesn’t take much of this to work.  If you would like to order this brand here is a link to the Young Living Amazon Store.

So far, I feel like the Swarm Commander swarm traps are doing better than the other three.   It just seems like there has been more than usual scout activity at the hives.   The Lemon Grass only hives aren’t doing bad, and I would say they are doing better than they have in the past.

Again, this is definitely not a scientific experiment.  Just a personal experiment that I wanted to share with everyone.  I will definitely do a post if I catch a swarm, and it looks like one will be showing up soon.  I’m crossing my fingers.  I would love to get a few free hives this year.

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