This is a great set of videos about skep beekeeping in Central Europe, Northern Lower Saxony.  There are 8 videos about 12-25 minutes in length.  The videos follow an entire beekeeping season.  The videos go over spring management and supplemental feeding; summer swarm management; honey harvesting; and preparing wax for market. This is probably my all time favorite set of beekeeping videos on the web.   There is a lot that can be learned from these videos no matter what your preference in hive type or management system.  It is always impressive to watching the professionals work.

#1 – Spring Work in a Heather Skep Apiary


#2 – Preparations for Swarming in a Heather Skep Apiary

#3 – Prime Swarming in a Skep Apiary


#4 – Work in a Heather Skep Apiary during the Cast Swarming Period

#5 – Summer Work during the Heather Blossom in a Skep Apiary

#6 – Autumn Work in a Heather Skep Apiary


#7 – Harvest of Heather Honey in a Skep Apiary


#8 – Bees’ Wax Pressing in a Traditional Apiary

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