Package Bees are Ordered!

I just placed my order with a local company for two package bees!  I am excited to get back into this fun and rewarding hobby.

Those who follow my blog know that I took a 2 year break after moving into a new home and neighborhood.  It would have only been 1 year, if I had managed to catch a swarm.

Last year I decided that I would try to catch swarms instead of pay the price for package bees.  I was unable to catch a swarm in any of the three hives that I set out.  I believe that my failure can be attributed to two mistakes:

  1. Mistake number one was that I only set out five swarm traps.  Everyone knows that catching swarms is a numbers game.  The more traps you set, the higher the chance of catching a swarm.
  2. My second mistake was that I only used 5 frame Nucs for the traps.  I have always had better luck with the 10 frame deeps.  The reason I opted for 5 frame hives is because they are convenient to hang in the trees.

I have actually been thinking about trying the swarm trapping route again, but I don’t think I can wait another year to get back into beekeeping.  If I fail to catch a swarm I waste another year.  The package bees were pricey.  I paid a total of $240 dollars for two packages.  But the nice thing is, packages are a guaranteed way to get back into beekeeping.

I decided to buy a package of Carniolan’s and a package of Italians.  If you are in a different climate, you may want to pick one or the other.  Both of these breeds do well in my climate, so I want to do a side by side comparison.   In my next post, I will be going over the characteristics of the two and why someone would pick one verse the other.






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