Commercial beehives in a field with mountains behind them. Today I set up my fourth swarm trap of the year.  I set it up about 1/4 mile from this bee yard.  This is actually the same bee yard that inspired me to keep bees in the first place.  You can read more about my story on the about page.

I set a trap or two in this location every year.  Unfortunately, I have never caught a swarm here.  Even though every square inch of this area is covered in bees.

Most of the swarms that I have caught have been in town.  I think the reason for this is that the new beekeepers who are in their second year don’t know how to manage their booming hives.  They know how to build up their colonies, because they have managed to get their hives through winter. Now they are in their second year and don’t realize that they have to figure out how to keep the bees from building up too much so they don’t swarm.  At least, that is my theory on the matter.

Hopefully I will have a few more traps set up before swarm season is in full swing.  I have 5 more traps that are waiting to be set out and will need a lot more if I am going to reach my goal.

2017 Beekeeping Goal

The goal for this year is to get 4 hives ready for winter.  I have two packages on the way, so the rest will need to come from swarms. So far I have been slow getting the traps out.  I will have 9 total traps up, and hope to build more as soon as I get my new table saw stand.

Another goal I have, is that I want to catch some local survivor queens from the mountains.  I know they are there, I just need to figure out exactly where.  That is where bee lining will come in.  Click the link to see my Introduction to Beelining and How to Build a Beelining Box.

I wish all of you the best of luck with the goals that you have set for yourselves this year.  I am  interested in seeing what all of you are doing.  If you would like to share what you are doing with like-minded individuals, head over to Facebook and join the Survivor Bees Facebook Group.


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