I could not be happier with my “wild” hive of bees.  All but one of my hives is doing well this year, but this one is by far the best.  Today, I took a picture of a brood comb from this hive to show off the queen’s brood pattern.  She has about four more frames filled exactly like this one.  All uncapped cells have nectar or pollen in them.

The late summer nectar flow is in full effect and the bees are really packing the hive full of honey.  Fifteen days ago, I went through the hive and destroyed about ten queen cells with eggs in them.  The bees were definately crowded and ready to swarm.   After squishing queen cells, I added the second super and checkerboarded the brood nest.

I gave them five foundationless frames.  This week, all five empty frames were 75 percent full of new comb, and it is looking like they are going to need another super by next week. These bees are out of control.

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