We are currently seeking 12 advertisers to feature in the right margin on this site.  There are 12-234x60px banner positions available.  We are using this size because it allows our website to look uniform and professional.


Most sites sell their advertising space at different prices depending on the positioning of the banner.  At, we will be selling our advertising spaces at a flat rate .  Each of the banners in the right column of the website will be rotated on a weekly basis.  This means that if you are at the bottom of the list, you will be moved to the top of the list and work your way down again.  This model gives the most opportunity to our advertisers and readers.

As an advertiser– in addition to your ad in our right margin, you will also receive mentions in posts and videos that we publish.   We cannot guarantee the frequency of these referrals.  To be referenced in posts and videos the product or services must be similar to the topic being discussed.

We will also do reviews of products and services.  This will allow us to feature the products and services of our advertisers.  Our goal for product reviews is twice a month.  This allows all of our advertisers to get 2 full post reviews a year.  Again, all advertisers will get an equal opportunity to be featured in a review post as we will work down the list and start over at the bottom.


I would first like to point out that we consider our advertisements as true endorsements.  Our readers are very important to us.   We will only advertise businesses that measure up to our standards. We understand that the companies that we endorse directly reflects our credibility.   We do not accept all advertisers.  We will not vouch for a company unless we are comfortable referring our viewers to the service or product provided.  How to Apply…

  1. Send an email to  In the email, send us a link to the page you would like linked to your ad, and the banner you would like to use(if you have one).  Also include the term you would like to sign up for(3, 6, 9, or12 months).
  2. Once we receive the email we will determine whether your company will be a fit to the demands of our readers.
  3. If accepted, I will let you know where to send payments to via PayPal.  If you prefer,  you may pay by check, but it will take longer to get the ad up and running.
  4. Within 24 hours of receiving your funds and banner.  We will begin running your ad.