Snow Flake

Making Friends with the Enemy, Enjoying Winter

It has been a while since I have written an article for this blog.  I have been extremely busy lately with beekeeping, and non beekeeping obligations. But I am still here, still keeping bees, and really enjoying the winter weather. Some of you may find it odd that I enjoy […]

Wild Honey Bee Cutout – Update 07/26/17

I could not be happier with my “wild” hive of bees.  All but one of my hives is doing well this year, but this one is by far the best.  Today, I took a picture of a brood comb from this hive to show off the queen’s brood pattern.  She […]

Wild Honey Bee Cutout – Update 07/17/17

It has been a few months since I completed the cutout on the wild hive of honeybees.  After dumping all the bees into their new box I let them sit overnight with the queen caged.  Seven days later I sealed up the hive and transported the bees home.   I […]

Wild Honey Bee Cutout

Last Saturday I received a phone call about a hive of bees up the canyon near my home.  The man that called me said that the bees were in his favorite camping spot and he wanted to know if I would remove them so he could camp there.   I […]

Beekeeping Etiquette

Bees are awesome little creatures.  It would be hard to imagine a world without them, but the reality is there are many diseases that are threatening their existence.  Because of the seriousness of these threats, many people have felt the need to “help” the bees. This desire to help, coupled […]

Swarm Lure Giveaway – 5 days left!

Hello Everyone, I just want to remind everybody to get their names in for the swarm lure drawing that will be held on April 24th. In two clicks you can get your name in the drawing by simply joining the Survivor Bees Facebook Group.   Not only will your name be entered for […]

Close up picture of a red flower in the foreground with 5 swarm traps in the background.

Swarm Trap Update 4/12/17

Today I was able to get out and set up some swarm traps.  I set out five today and four a week ago. I wish I would have set these traps out a little earlier.  I am a little behind.  I would like to have 20 traps out by May. […]

Types of Beehives for Beekeeping

There are many types of beehives available to choose from.  One of the very first steps in becoming a beekeeper is choosing which type of beehive is best for you. Do not think that one hive is better for the bees than the others. The bees do not care what box […]

Keep it in the Hive: The Importance of Propolis

Proplis plays a critical role in keeping a hive of honeybees healthy.  Propolis is the superglue and medicine of the beekeeping world.  The bees use it to seal off entrances against intruders and to Inhibit fungal and bacterial growth.[1]  They even use it to envelop offensive contaminates such as mice […]

Commercial beehives in a field with mountains behind them.

Another Swarm Trap Set and 2017 Beekeeping Goals

Today I set up my fourth swarm trap of the year.  I set it up about 1/4 mile from this bee yard.  This is actually the same bee yard that inspired me to keep bees in the first place.  You can read more about my story on the about page. I set […]