Skep Beekeeping Video

This is a great set of videos about skep beekeeping in Central Europe, Northern Lower Saxony.  There are 8 videos about 12-25 minutes in length.  The videos follow an entire beekeeping season.  The videos go over spring management and supplemental feeding; summer swarm management; honey harvesting; and preparing wax for […]

Swarm Lure Experiment

I wanted to do a quick post on what I am using this year for swarm lures.  So far I have 5 swarm traps working for me.  In the past I have only used Lemon Grass oil in my swarm traps.  This year, I am testing the Swarm Commander Lure […]

Swarm Trapping Update – Scout Behavior

It has been a while since I posted, but I wanted to share a little about my swarm trapping adventures for 2016 so far.  I wasn’t able to purchase packages of bees this year.  The biggest reason I didn’t buy packages is because of the price. 3 pound Packages of […]

Queen Rearing – IWF Documentary

One of my favorites, this is a fascinating set of videos produced by IWF on the process of honey bee queen rearing.  These videos were very helpful to me when I was trying to grasp the concept of queen rearing.  This is one every beekeeper needs to watch. Originally in […]

Bee Yard Update – 1/27/2013

Well, one of my hives is dead.  I was really looking forward to getting this one into spring.  The hive was doing really well up until the beginning of January.  The bees were actually out foraging on most the days in December.   Though, We suddenly had a shift in […]